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Technically multi-fandom but Sleepy Hollow/Ichabbie/Miharie ate my brain. Also some: Brooklyn Nine Nine. Orphan Black. The Walking Dead. Shameless US. Arrow. Faking It. Once Upon a Time. Agents of Shield. etc.

Sleepy Hollow is quite determined to make everyone hate Katrina



And for most of fandom, it’s working. SCREW THAT.

The writers of this show suck for doing this. And now? I’m done with this show. That was my last episode.

Ichabbie fans can have their happy ever after and make out everyone they don’t like on the show as evil even when they are merely human.




I don’t understand why we’re getting more Crane flashbacks….we get them in practically every episode when Crane needs to explain something….

And its not like an Abbie or Jenny flashback wouldn’t be helpful. Ichabod has missed SO MUCH history. Civil War, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, both World Wars (I wonder if he’ll enjoy hearing how the Germans shelled Great Britain), nevermind the sports and music he’s missed….

Where’s that mid-90’s flashback when Teen!Abbie cried over Biggie Smalls dying? Where’s that flashback to her college days when she first broke her vow not to smoke bud again? Where’s that flashback of Jenny when she first shot a man or a woman or someone as young as herself? Where is that? Show me that.

I’m mad you said Biggie Smalls tho. LOLXD.

Yeah. If flashbacks really *must* have political figures just have her have gone to highschool with Chelsea Clinton or something. Maybe they were on the spirit squad together. :p


I wonder if anyone goes like ‘OH MY GOD THEY REBLOGGED MY POST!!’ when I reblog their post


angel the series is supposed to be more adult oriented and darker than btvs, but then there are times like that fucking episode where angel got turned into a puppet and attempted to beat spike’s ass for talking shit in front of everyone.


Rigid back. Muscles tense. Heart sore. Ichabod watched as Abbie sat up in her seat looking for all the world as if she hadn't nearly died. As if she hadn't nearly taken half is soul with her. He wanted to comfort her and assure her he would not let her down again, that his lack of knowledge, (he cringed) his helplessness was only temporary. But it was he who need reassurance. It was he who needed her. So in the end, all he could manage was, "You look none the worse for wear." And Abbie smiled.


Awww!!! omg


Ugh god why did I start rewatching things, I was gonna go to bed early and not with a lump of feelings in my throat, I fucked up guys, I fucked up bad. I watched the purgatory scene, I should not have watched the purgatory scene.

And I’m hungry. :(

Myeah so, not only does this NOT add up even remotely, but we can see trees behind Kat which either moves on their own or are still behind where she was and where Mary supposedly ends up when Kat steps out of the way. 


Another thing: When WL runs through him towards the ladies and Ichy is all “Katrina. … Abbie!”, why is he even worried about Abbie? Like yeah, WL tried to kill her, but then she found Katrina’s note and found out they were together (gag) and so in love (double gag) - wouldn’t she just have gone straight for Katrina? They both nearly drowned today, they’re both in danger again, but "Abbie" is the thought that gets him running. 

I’ll be over here simmering in feelings, okay bye. 

Fun thing: Abbie said there were books in the fiction and history section and gave Ichy half the list - I assumed she’d take fiction and give him history but Nick actually says she’s in the history section so she didn’t and now I’m curious why and headcanons are happening.

Like, had they been there before cause she thought hey, libraries are comforting and haven’t changed much since then right?, or did she just instinctively know that if she gave him the history section she’d come back to find him on the floor surrounded by books and a red marker making corrections? Or ranting at innocent passers-by about the ridiculousness of some Washington biography? Or just straight up tearing out pages and waving them about while a librarian tried to usher him out? 

Like, she looks at the note before she gives it to him so she made a conscious decision and I’m gonna headcanon that there was good reason for it. 

A) This was adorable and

B) *puts this scenario on Ichabbie kiss wishlist*

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