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Technically multi-fandom but Sleepy Hollow/Ichabbie/Miharie ate my brain. Also some:
Brooklyn Nine Nine. Orphan Black. The Walking Dead. Shameless US. Arrow. Faking It. Once Upon a Time. Agents of Shield.

Okay bed time, hopefully I’ll feel less shitty after 4 hours of sleep (forgot I have a thing tomorrow). ><

Anon who just messaged me: I’ll get ya tomorrow, cause I have a longer reply to that than I have the energy to write atm. 

anamateurexpert replied to your post “But..I just watched the episode..

I watched it twice & still think it was 87% terrible. Sleeping may not change your mind. LOL

Yeah I’m not hopeful tbh, I watched the (sucky) livestream and then rewatched the download and it actually made it worse so I’m basically at about 93% right now. Maybe I can at least get back down to below 90 with some sleep. I shoulda gone ages ago but I keep hoping I’ll find something that makes me feel better if I stay up.

(In my defense I kinda did though - that article and Tom’s shady-ass comments gave me new life. I’m so here for how not here for Ichatrina he is, I love him so much for that. 

"evil is going to try to be evil again"


—the valuable information Katrina provided Team Witness in her two days of spying




Just a little excerpt:

Crane, once again, does everything in his power to rescue Katrina. But this time she’s the one who forces them apart by choosing to stay with Abraham so she can act as a mole. While it was nice to see Katrina get some agency, Mison sums up the situation perfectly: “That’s annoying! That’s really annoying.”

"Two hundred and fifty years they’ve been waiting. He went to Purgatory trying to get her back. And then we’re together for two seconds and she’s,’ No, no, no, I’m sticking around with the ex,’" Mison says. "Yes, that gets on his wits to no end."  

And this:

"Not to mention the fact that Crane created a monster out of the Horseman’s head all to get her back. A monster who, lest we forget, is now on the loose doing God knows what. "I think it went really wrong. It was a bad idea," Mison says of raising the Kindred. “She f—ked it up, Katrina did, by not coming.”

LOL, Tom!

omg. why tom. lol!!!!!!


Quite possible the greatest tweet ever written. 


Quite possible the greatest tweet ever written. 

But..I just watched the episode. I understand now why Crane looked like he was grimacing cos he was about to kiss his wife, but the thing is, he was upset. I thought the kiss btwn him and Kat was clunky because both of them were upset. Hated the way they treated jenny, Abbie ought to acknowledge her as a grown woman rather than just a younger sis. Wish they did not leave the kindred to handle itself. Overall, as an Ichabbie shipper, I thought the episode was good(although not like s2e1)


I could maybe buy that if I’d seen any chemistry between them at any other point in time, and if it didn’t look like they were in physical pain and discomfort from having to kiss each other. Like I get angsty kisses - I *love* angsty kisses, it’s like my kryptonite - but this was just completely awkward and some truly terrible acting. I didn’t get “upset” from that, I got “nauseous” (granted I may have been projecting to some degree, that is possible). But like I’m coming back to that Rhodey gif I posted - they looked like two seals fighting over a grape, except that would have been way cuter and probably had more chemistry. But Katrina was like all bendy and it looked like they were trying not to knock each other’s wigs off and it just was so uncomfortable. 

Agree about Jenny, I suppose it’s hard for Abbie to see her as an adult since they didn’t grow up together but … there’s some stuff that needs to be done there for sure.

And same about the Kindred, that just felt so stupid like “oh well, off he goes, what’re you gonna do - they grow up so fast”. You created a monster, you could at least try to find out what happened to it?? He’s walking around with the Horseman’s head! 

I thought it was basically terrible, but maybe I’ll feel differently after I sleep on it. I doubt it though cause it wasn’t just the Ichabbie/Ichatrina stuff, I might have been able to get over it by shaming myself for being such a shipper if it was, but there were so many other fucked up things that I hated and that wasn’t connected to shippyness. I’ll probably make a post on it later, maybe - I’ve mainly been focusing on the Katrina stuff just to get it out of my system before I attempt to sleep. 





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Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate the fact that the two worst spies in the Revolution found and married each other. 


ready for the writers to start letting abbie hold icky accountable for his actions

i feel like they acknowledge her strength as she’s trying to convince him to do the right thing, but then once he throws her under the bus she just…isn’t mad at him?  i’m sure a lot of shippers will say ‘bc CHARMING and ACCENT and BIG BLUE EYES so CUTE, HOW COULD U BE MAD AT HIM’ but honestly if that is what the writers intend then i was completely wrong to ever get invested in this show.  (also i hate when fic writers do that thing with omg ~eyes so blue and british accent so hot because dammit no, abbie fucking mills is not on that anglophilia bullshit i am not having it)

not to mention jenny…she hears abbie got left (yes LEFT, because abbie’s choice was pre-emptive) in purgatory and just says “oh ok how’s ur wife”

the bait and switch is even stronger this season